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If you make great content and no one sees it, is it still great? Content is king, but distribution is God. Creating great content is a struggle many brands and companies deal with every day. For small businesses vying to get a foothold into social media, they often get stuck at the “What should I post door,?” As a result, they oftentimes abandon the platform completely. This leads to a loss of unknown revenue, and more importantly, customer connection.

But there are several industries where what they do naturally, instinctively lends itself to the creation of social content. The field of cosmetology is one of those industries. The very nature of what hairstylists, manicurists and makeup artists do daily is create content. We  oversaw the creation of the second annual digital supplement for American Salon magazine, a trade publication for salon professionals. We interviewed over 25 different salon professionals—from salon owners to freelance celebrity stylists—who shared inspiring success stories about what social media has done for their careers, and their bank accounts.

This, easily turned into an Instagram success story.  One after one, nearly all touted the wonders that Instagram did for boosting their clientele. Take Heather Chapman (@HeatherChapmanhair). She creates gorgeous braided hairstyles and is a wedding editorial stylist. “Instagram created my career,” she shared.

“My income increased 700% from posting daily. With over 350k followers, you can say well, that’s why. Look how many people follow her. But the success rate that can be attributed to Instagram isn’t just for people with large followers. At the time of our interview, DJ McKinley (@Djlp_pro), only had 3k followers. Matthew Tyldesley (@hairbymatt) had less than 2k. Each of them shared how they were able to go from having some business go up and down to being so booked out with appointments that they can’t take new clients.

We all know the numbers about social media. We all know the potential for reach on socialmedia. And we are proud to share these inspiring digital wins in an analog format. Read the full supplement here.

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